Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Crochet Crown Bunting Pattern

Are you ready for a royal celebration? In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 70 years as Monarch, the first ever in the UK to celebrate this milestone. She is already the longest reigning Monarch in British history and has been served by 14 UK Prime Ministers during her reign – her first Prime MinisterContinue reading “Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Crochet Crown Bunting Pattern”

3 ways to use a crochet heart applique

With Valentine’s just around the corner, check out three ways you can use a crochet heart applique. Scroll down and whip up some extra special gifts for your loved ones using the same heart applique pattern. I have put together three great ideas for you to try out – needless to say I am inContinue reading “3 ways to use a crochet heart applique”

Mini heart lace mug cozy crochet pattern

If you are tired with how your mugs are looking or want an extra warm feeling as you are sipping a hot drink, mug cozies might be what you need! They are endlessly customisable for every shape and size and they are quick projects to start and finish. The mini heart cup or mug cozyContinue reading “Mini heart lace mug cozy crochet pattern”

Christmas tree tapestry crochet pattern tutorial

Who doesn’t love a Christmas tree? And when it’s made of crochet, surely absolutely no one can say no! Rows of Christmas trees made using the tapestry crochet technique are offset to make a great pattern particularly for the festive season. Each Christmas tree is approximately 3cm tall and 3.3cm at its base, at itsContinue reading “Christmas tree tapestry crochet pattern tutorial”

Hearts tapestry crochet zipper bag pattern

The Hearts Zipper Tapestry Bag makes a very pretty accessory case, perfect for storing make-up, jewellery or even crochet hooks! It measures approximately 16cm by 23cm but the pattern includes the full pattern repeat and measurements so you can make this as small or big as you desire! Adding a zipper or a lining isContinue reading “Hearts tapestry crochet zipper bag pattern”

Tapestry crochet: the modified single crochet stitch

Crochet is a super versatile craft. You can experiment with different stitches, techniques and yarns. But you can also use different types of crochet, for example, Tunisian crochet, mosaic crochet or tapestry crochet. In this post, I will go over one of the most useful stitches I have come across for perfecting your tapestry crochetContinue reading “Tapestry crochet: the modified single crochet stitch”

Amigurumi ‘Book lover’ bookmark crochet pattern

Do you fancy a quick project that uses up some yarn scraps? Then I hope you try this little pattern! The Amigurumi ‘Book Lover’ bookmark pattern is very beginner-friendly. You also do not need too much yarn and you can whip one up in no time. The pattern is written in US terminology. If youContinue reading “Amigurumi ‘Book lover’ bookmark crochet pattern”

Veracruz mosaic crochet cushion free pattern

Mosaic crochet is an amazing technique for intricate patterns, and the Veracruz cushion is a perfect beginner friendly pattern if you are just learning mosaic crochet. Inspired by the shape of the amazing pyramids found in the modern day Mexican state of Veracruz, this pattern uses mosaic crochet to create a modern ethnic style cushionContinue reading “Veracruz mosaic crochet cushion free pattern”

Crochet the ruffles stitch pattern

If you love texture, you will love this crochet ruffles stitch pattern. It creates a wonderful set of overlapping ruffles for a fun and super squishy look. I recommend using a thicker yarn; for comparison, for these two swatches below I used a medium worsted weight yarn (on the right, Lion Brand Wool Ease inContinue reading “Crochet the ruffles stitch pattern”

Anthropologie inspired cushion: the Pomegranate Love Crochet Cushion

I am almost always looking for new cushions and a red and white one from Anthropologie caught my eye instantly. Inevitably, when I went back weeks later, I could no longer find it (see photo on the left below)! Luckily, I had taken a screenshot of how it looked so I decided to adapt itContinue reading “Anthropologie inspired cushion: the Pomegranate Love Crochet Cushion”