Evil Eye Crochet Applique Pattern

Traditionally, the Greek evil eye talisman protects against malevolent gazes and those who wish you unwell. In Greece and other parts of the wider region, you will see people adding them to key chains, home decorations or hanging from their car mirror. The evil eye is also featured in a lot of jewellery so whyContinue reading “Evil Eye Crochet Applique Pattern”

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Crochet Crown Bunting Pattern

Are you ready for a royal celebration? In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 70 years as Monarch, the first ever in the UK to celebrate this milestone. She is already the longest reigning Monarch in British history and has been served by 14 UK Prime Ministers during her reign – her first Prime MinisterContinue reading “Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Crochet Crown Bunting Pattern”