Christmas Pudding Crochet Ornament

Christmas is only weeks away and I can’t wait for the festive season to start! I love the lights, the pretty decorations and the lovely food. So I thought I would share one of my favourite Christmas patterns: the Christmas Pudding Crochet Ornament. It is a pretty pattern for making a Christmas Pudding ornament inContinue reading “Christmas Pudding Crochet Ornament”

Veracruz mosaic crochet cushion free pattern

Mosaic crochet is an amazing technique for intricate patterns, and the Veracruz cushion is a perfect beginner friendly pattern if you are just learning mosaic crochet. Inspired by the shape of the amazing pyramids found in the modern day Mexican state of Veracruz, this pattern uses mosaic crochet to create a modern ethnic style cushionContinue reading “Veracruz mosaic crochet cushion free pattern”

Anthropologie inspired cushion: the Pomegranate Love Crochet Cushion

I am almost always looking for new cushions and a red and white one from Anthropologie caught my eye instantly. Inevitably, when I went back weeks later, I could no longer find it (see photo on the left below)! Luckily, I had taken a screenshot of how it looked so I decided to adapt itContinue reading “Anthropologie inspired cushion: the Pomegranate Love Crochet Cushion”

Free Pattern – Crochet Napkin Rings

Ever thought of making your own crochet napkin rings? These ‘braided’ crochet napkin rings are perfect for any occasion! You can make them in a single colour or using three colours for a more colourful look. You can match your yarn to the colour of your tablecloth or use a colour to match a celebration,Continue reading “Free Pattern – Crochet Napkin Rings”