Crochet the ruffles stitch pattern

If you love texture, you will love this crochet ruffles stitch pattern. It creates a wonderful set of overlapping ruffles for a fun and super squishy look. I recommend using a thicker yarn; for comparison, for these two swatches below I used a medium worsted weight yarn (on the right, Lion Brand Wool Ease inContinue reading “Crochet the ruffles stitch pattern”

Thistle stitch step by step tutorial

Have you ever tried the thistle stitch? Uncovered it recently as one of the many amazing stitches in the book ‘200 Crochet Stitches’ by Sarah Hazell. As a self-taught crocheter who has mainly used YouTube for learning new stitches and techniques, I was so pleasantly surprised to find out about so many more stitches thatContinue reading “Thistle stitch step by step tutorial”