Christmas tree tapestry crochet pattern tutorial

Who doesn’t love a Christmas tree? And when it’s made of crochet, surely absolutely no one can say no! Rows of Christmas trees made using the tapestry crochet technique are offset to make a great pattern particularly for the festive season. Each Christmas tree is approximately 3cm tall and 3.3cm at its base, at its widest point.

This pattern is worked in the round. It is perfect for making an accessory bag or case, or a cushion or even a storage box. The full pattern repeat is provided below with all relevant sizes, so you can adapt the pattern to fit your project. In the photos below I have used the pattern to make a zipper pouch bag. To make one as well simply follow the steps outlined in this post here but use the Christmas tree pattern found directly below.

What you will need to make the Christmas tree tapestry crochet pattern:

To make this pattern I used:

  • Lion Brand 24/7 cotton yarn in two colours of your choice; for the pictured zipper bag I used Grass and White was used, 1 ball of each
  • 3.5mm crochet hook

You can use another worsted weight yarn or choose a completely different one. If you choose a yarn with a different weight, the size of your trees and pattern will differ. So you may wish to make a swatch to confirm the size.

Stitches used in the Christmas tree tapestry crochet pattern:

  • Single crochet stitch
  • Modified single crochet
  • Slip stitch

This pattern uses US terminology. Check out the videos below for detailed stitch tutorials:

Christmas tree tapestry crochet pattern repeat:

The diagram below provides an overview of the pattern. The coloured boxes with an ‘x’ indicate the stitches where you will use your contrasting colour to create the Christmas tree shape. If you are making panels, like for the accessory bag pictured, the pattern repeat for this Christmas tree design is 28 + 11 + 1 chains (CH). You can multiply your pattern by 28 CH until you reach approximately your preferred length. You will then add CH 11 plus 1 which will be your turning CH.

So for example, for the zipper bag featured in the photos, the number of stitches on each side is (28 x 2) + 11 + 1 = 68 CH. The last CH is your turning CH. The front and back panel are identical. To allow you to adapt this pattern, the red square below measures approximately 11cm in width and 8cm in height. You can use those measurements to adapt your own design and project size.

If you are working on a project that is round and you need the pattern to be continuous, e.g. a circular storage box, then the pattern repeat should be 28+1. The last CH is your turning CH.

Make your first row with single crochet stitches; make the rest with the modified single crochet. I like to finish off my tapestry crochet pieces with a row of slip stitches.

To connect the panels or rounds, you can either 1 CH and slip stich or you can simply continue crocheting from your last stitch to your first. I prefer doing that as it gives a more seamless look. Use stitch markers to track where the first stitch is as well as to separate different panels or the sides of your piece, as explained in this detailed post about the Hearts Zipper Pouch.

I hope you like this festive pattern! Check out my Hearts tapestry crochet pattern here with more information and tips about working with tapestry crochet.

Comment below if you have any questions about this pattern and let me know if you give this a go!


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