Anthropologie inspired cushion: the Pomegranate Love Crochet Cushion

I am almost always looking for new cushions and a red and white one from Anthropologie caught my eye instantly. Inevitably, when I went back weeks later, I could no longer find it (see photo on the left below)! Luckily, I had taken a screenshot of how it looked so I decided to adapt itContinue reading “Anthropologie inspired cushion: the Pomegranate Love Crochet Cushion”

Boho Dreams Crochet Cushion Pattern

If you love Boho or Bohemian style, then this is the pattern for you. It uses a few different stitches to create wonderful texture with a very organic feel and it uses a neutral coloured yarn which enhances the boho effect. You can of course swap out the yarn and use one that has aContinue reading “Boho Dreams Crochet Cushion Pattern”