Robbie the Christmas robin mini bauble

A mini Christmas crochet bauble of a robin – if this does not want to make you read further to get the full crochet pattern, maybe a cute pic of the final ornament will do the trick! And you can also check out the full set of mini Christmas baubles on my Etsy shop.

Robbie the Christmas robin bauble comes together very fast and it could be a great project for using yarn scraps. It measures just under 2×2 inches.

To make Robbie the Christmas robin you will need:

  • A 3.0mm hook
  • Scheepjes catona yarn in brown (root beer), red (hot red) and orange (saffron) – any other yarn will also work but the size of your ornament may differ
  • Stitch marker for keeping track of your first stich especially when making the body
  • Safety eyes (I used 6mm ones such as these)
  • Darning needle
  • Toy stuffing
  • A piece of red and white twine or string such as this, around 8 inches
  • Fabric glue (optional)

Watch the video tutorial for making Robbie the Christmas Robin mini crochet bauble:

How to crochet Robbie the Christmas Robin:

To make the body:

  • Row 1: Use the brown yarn and make a magic ring. Place 6 single crochets (SCs) in the magic ring. Use the stitch marker to mark your first stitch.
  • Row 2: Work a round of increases by placing 2 SCs in each stitch (12 stitches).
  • Row 3: Make another round of increases by repeating 2 SCs in one stitch , 1 SC – repeat this 6 times (18 stitches).
  • Row 4: Make another round of increases by repeating 2 SCs in one stitch, 1 SC, 1 SC – repeat 6 times (24 stitches).
  • Rows 5-6: SC along your piece but finish the last stitch with red yarn.
  • Row 7: Using the red yarn, make a round of slip stitches in the back loop only. Make an invisible slip stitch to your first stitch by placing your hook from the back of the first stitch pulling your loop with your working yarn through. Chain 1.
  • Row 8: SC along your piece.
  • At this point, make the loop for your ornament. With the darning needle put the two ends of the string through the top part of your piece and make a knot on the inside.
  • Row 9: Make a row of decreases. Make an invisible decrease by picking up the front loop of two stitches and making 1 SC. Follow by making 1 SC in the next 2 stitches. Repeat 6 times (18 stitches).
  • Row 10: Make another decrease followed by 1 SC. Repeat 6 times (12 stitches).
  • Place and secure the safety eyes. I placed them about two rows up from where the red part starts and with 3-4 stitches in-between them. Add stuffing as you go.
  • Row 11: Make decreases along all stitches (6 stitches). Snip off your yarn and leave some tail. Make sure you have added enough stuffing. Then sew the opening closed. Weave in the end.

To make the wings:

  • Row 1: Use the brown yarn and make a magic circle. Place 6 SCs.
  • Row 1: Make 2 SCs in one stitch, 2 SCs in one stitch, 1 half double crochet (HDC) and 1 double crochet (DC) in one stitch and 2 DCs in the next stitch. Chain 1 and snip off your yarn. Make 2.
  • Place the wings on the sides of your robin so they intersect the two colours in the middle.
  • Weave in place with the yarn ends and/or glue in place.

To make the beak, using your darning needle form a triangle. Weaving the yarn around the two vertical sides to fill in the triangle. Weave in the ends. Robbie the Christmas robin is ready!

Stitches used in this crochet pattern:

This pattern uses four basic crochet stitches: the single crochet, the half double crochet, the double crochet and the slip stitch. You can find detailed video tutorials for all of them directly below:

Happy Crochet

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