Bobbles baby blanket

A lovely baby boy blanket created using a combination of single crochet, chains and the bobble stitch. The addition of a ribbed border gives this blanket a lovely finish. The pattern uses two different coloured yarns: one for the bobble row and border and a different one for the rest of the blanket. You can use colours of your preference to adapt your blanket to your style.

The combinations are endless and the result always very pretty. You can use a variegated yarn for a stunning result (as in the blanket pictured in the pattern) or use different colours for the bobble row creating a rainbow or colour gradient effect. It is the perfect gift for a new baby! However, the pattern can be adapted to your preferred size so this would fit anyone, from babies to adults.

The blanket pictured in the photos measures 113cm (length) x 83cm (width), including the border. The amount of yarn specified below is for making this size blanket. Gauge is not particularly important for this pattern. If your tension is consistent throughout the blanket, this will provide you with a symmetrical shape for your blanket. If you are looking to crochet a blanket which is of similar size to the one pictured in this pattern the gauge for a 10 x 10 cm square should be 20 stitches by 18 rows.

What you will need:

About the pattern:

  • The pattern repeat is 14 chains plus 2. Chain sets of 14 chains until you are happy with the width. This will be the width of your blanket. Once you have reached your desired width, chain a further 2 chains.
  • To create the pattern, crochet 11 rows using a combination of single crochet / chain one. The 12th row is the bobble row. Then continue with another 11 rows of single crochet /chain one.
  • To crochet the blanket pictured in this pattern, 140 chains plus 2 are needed. Use Colour A for your chains.
  • Abbreviations (US terminology):
  • Chain – CH
  • Slip stitch – SL ST
  • Single stitch – SC
  • Bobble stitch – BO

Pattern instructions:

  • ROW 1: Still using Colour A, single crochet (SC) in the second chain from hook. Chain 1 (CH 1) and skip the next chain. SC in the next chain. Continue in this way along the entire chain. When you reach the last two chains, you should CH1 and SC in the last stitch. You should have 141 stitches. CH 1 and turn.
  • ROWS 2-11: Repeat ROW 1. Essentially, you will be doing a SC on top of the SC of the previous row and CH 1/skip chain on top of the previous CH 1/skip chain. Fasten off colour A.
  • ROW 12: Using colour B, BO in the first stitch and continue with SC 13. Repeat this 10 times. BO in the last stitch. In the same stitch do a slip stitch (SL ST). Fasten off colour B. Attach colour A, CH 1 and turn.
  • ROWS 13 – 23: Repeat ROW 1. Fasten off colour A.
  • ROW 24: Using colour B, SC 7, *BO, SC 13. Repeat from * until you have 8 stitches left. BO in the next stitch, SC in the remaining stitches. SL ST in the last stitch. Fasten off colour B. Attach colour A, CH 1 and turn.
  • Repeat ROWS 1- 24 until you are happy with the length of your blanket.
  • To finish off your blanket, repeat ROW 1 for 11 rows. This will make your blanket symmetrical. To create the length of the blanket pictured in this pattern, repeat ROWS 1-24 7 times. Then repeat ROW 12 and repeat ROW 1 for another 11 rows. Fasten off your yarn.
  • Weave in your ends.

Here is a video tutorial for making the bobble stitch:

To create the border:

  • Using Colour B, SC around the blanket. Add 3 SC to each corner. SL ST when you reach the start of your SC row. Repeat once more and fasten off your yarn.
  • Still using Colour B, attach your yarn on one corner and CH8. SC in the second chain from hook. SC across the rest of the chains towards the blanket. You should have 7SC.
  • To attach the border to the blanket, SL ST in the next two stitches. Turn your work and SC in the front loop of the next 6 stiches. Do a normal SC on the last stich. CH 1, SC 1 and SC in the front loop only in the next 6 stitches. Connect your border to the blanket by SL ST in the next two stitches.
  • Continue in the same way across the side of the blanket. On your last 7 SC row, SL ST only once. Fasten off your yarn.
  • Repeat the same on the opposite side of the blanket. Then tackle the two remaining sides in the same way by attaching the yarn at the edge of the border previously created.
  • Weave in your ends.

Happy Crochet!

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