Christmas present crochet ornament pattern

I love putting up Christmas decorations and I love it even more if some of those decorations are made from crochet! So check out these super cute Christmas present ornaments decorated with a ribbon and bow which you can make using some basic crochet stitches and techniques, with a bit of yarn, some cardboard and toy stuffing (or other yarn/fabric scraps). You can make a bunch using the customisation options so they all look different and unique or make them all the same for a more consistent look.

You can purchase the full pattern on my Etsy store:

Or follow the video tutorials linked in this post.

What you will need for making the crochet Christmas present ornaments:

I used a size 3.0 hook and Scheepjes catona yarn. I used 50g skeins but if you are only making a few ornaments, you can opt for the smaller 25g skeins at least for the ribbon and bow colours. Use a similar sized hook and yarn to get the same end result. If you use a smaller or later size hook and yarn your ornament might look smaller or bigger. The choice is yours as are the colour combinations! You can check out what colour combos I used at the end of this post.

The square ornament measures approximately 2×2 inches and the rectangular one 2×3 inches so they are the perfect size for decorating your Christmas tree, adding to your wreath or garland! They can also take your gift wrapping to the next level as you can attach them with some ribbon or string to an actual present.

Check out the step by step tutorial below on YouTube and check out some more tips further below!

The pattern is written in US terminology but if you are only familiar with UK terms here is a helpful overview of the differences:

US terminologyUK terminology
Chain (CH)Chain
Slip stitch (SL ST)Slip stitch
Single crochet (SC)Double crochet
Half double crochet (HDC)Half treble crochet
Double crochet (DC)Treble crochet
Treble crochet (TR)Double treble crochet

Two part video tutorial for the crochet Christmas present ornaments:

Part 1:

Part 2:

My Etsy shop pattern provides all the details about how to customise this ornament, however, here are some tips for making the rectangular ornament and creating the box lid finish.

For making the rectangular shaped present:

  • Make 2 pieces measuring 15 SC by 6 rows
  • Make 2 pieces measuring 10 SC by 6 rows
  • Make 2 pieces measuring 15 SC by 10 rows

For making the box lid finish:

  • Make your 6th piece 4 SCs wider and 4 rows taller. Then, SC across the four sides putting one less SC on each side than the number of rows/stitches available.
  • SC in the back loop only and then place another 2 round of SCs.
  • Finish off the lid by placing a round of SL STs.
  • Add a loop by securing the yarn on one corner and placing 15 CHs.

The colour combinations I used (yarn is Scheepjes Catona) are:

  • Shocking Pink 114 (main body) & Crystalline 385 (ribbon and bow)
  • Garden Rose 251 (main body) & Lemon 280 (ribbon and bow)
  • Hot Red 115 (main body) & Saffron 249 (ribbon and bow)
  • Vivid Blue 146 (main body) & Shocking Pink 114 (ribbon and bow)

Hope you enjoy making these guys this holiday season!

And Happy Crochet!

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