About But First We Crochet

Patterns made with love, yarn and a hook.

A little bit about me

I chose this name for my blog and shop – But First We Crochet – because crochet has become such an important part of my life. It is a hobby and a lovely way to spend a cosy evening at home; it reminds me of precious moments with my grandmother; it focuses and hones my creativity; and it is a way for me to show my love to friends and family. I know a lot of this will sound familiar to many amazing makers and crocheters.

Starting this blog and a small shop on Etsy felt like the natural next step.

After experimenting with different patterns and yarns, I wanted to share my love for crochet and making modern designs. Crochet is such a versatile craft and with just a bit of knowledge anyone can make something wonderful. I hope that the patterns help show even those that are just starting their journey in crochet that they can make some amazing things for themselves and those they love.

Happy Crochet!

Lots of love,